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Detailed introduction

Dunhuang, an ancient city in Gansu Province, Western China, was the gateway to what was called the "Silk Road" leading to Central Asia and Europe. Dunhuang is world famous for its artistic sculpture statues and fresco paintings of the 4th - 14th century in China, which reflect Silk Road civilization and important aspects of the Chinese people's religious  In the late 1980's, after close study of these images from Dunhuang frescoes, leading Chinese dance experts created a special Silk Road style dance called "DunHuang Dance." With a breathtaking beauty and elegance, this cultural performance reflects a rich and distinctive dance tradition in China.
The traditional Chinese ribbon dance that our dancer Chih Ting Shih performs in People Like Me 2003 is from the classical Dunhuang "flying figure" dance. While the ribbons were originally part of the costume, the dancer now holds the ends of the ribbons in her hands and manipulates the shape and flow of the ribbon to the music of the Chinese orchestra.