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PT service

The Tera Wellness provide professional, speedy, safe, effective methods helping members.The Tera Wellness not only focus on professionalism, but also focus on service. Not only provide Pt course only, but also committee to change members’lifestyle.

Tera wellness own the leading training system in China. All Personal Training and membership staff receive professional knowledge before and after entry.

Introduction of Tera Training Institute

TTI is directly under the supervision of Tera Wellness and responsible to spread the culture of Tera Wellness to the staff. As the leader of the industry, the TTI adhere the concept of Open, Cooperation and Share and do the best for the fitness business in China.

“GYMPARTY” has established a platform for clubs and workers in China. It’s aim is to promote the health of all citizens and the business of the fitness industry.

The TTI has set up training institute in Shanghai, Wuhan, Beijing. Regular and irregular trainings and exchange meetings are facing more than 10 cities in China.

Starting from 2009, TTI has established relationship with Shanghai Sports Institute, Beijing Sports University and Shandong Medical Institute in cultivating personnel for the fitness industry.

Our unique method

Action learning combined education and instruction method.

GYMPARTY management system

The system included management of club, set up of club, management skills and standard procedures, sales techniques, PT foundation, groupX demonstration etc..

Principles of GYMPARTY:Helping clubs to set up fundamental, combat, internal training system.

GYMPARTY training:Adhere to the concepts “Practical, Professional, Creative “.All students will be certified after learning.

Enquiry of GYMPARTY:Early stage of club setting, club operation, management of staff, exchange of sales and teaching staff are all welcome.