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PT service

The Tera Wellness provide professional, speedy, safe, effective methods helping members.The Tera Wellness not only focus on professionalism, but also focus on service. Not only provide Pt course only, but also committee to change members’lifestyle.

One on one mix PT training

1. Member receive 1 on 1 PT training.

2. Basic course for member.

3. Basic concept base on the Tera Wellness PT course.

One on two course



‘Real Boxing’ course

1. Course derivate from Boxing and Thai-boxing.

2. Members will enjoy the fun of pressure release and self-motivation through the training.


Gravity training

Through the GTS training, members will receive a notable result in body-shape and fitness condition.

Circus training

1. Mid and high levels training, fast fat burn program.

2. Effective, simple, fun program. One of the most popular course in the world.

‘Body and mind dance’course

1. Classes such as yoga, pliates, tai-chi and dance.

2. A specialized design classes for members.