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The Tera Wellness provide professional, speedy, safe, effective methods helping members.The Tera Wellness not only focus on professionalism, but also focus on service. Not only provide Pt course only, but also committee to change members’lifestyle.

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Name: ChenXX Sex: F Age: 34 Target: firming
Test items 1st test 2nd test 3rd test normal range
Height 1.60m 1.60m 1.60m 1.60m
Weight 59kg 56kg 48kg 45.7-61.9kg
BMI 26 23 21 18.5-23.0
Waist & hips ratio 0.83 0.81 0.76 0.70-0.80
Body fat ratio 30% 27% 20% 18%-28%
BP 120/80mmhg 120/80mmhg 120/80mmhg 120/80mmhg
Resting PR 69s/Min 65s/Min 60s/Min 60-80s/Min
Cardio function 1.8km 2.0km 3.5km 1.5-4km
Muscle power 18t/m 32t/m 45t/m 24-45t/m
Flexibility 12.0mm 15.0mm 35.0mm 20.0-40.0mm
Balance 15sec 30sec 60sec 40sec-60sec
Stages training plan
Stages Time PT hrs Contents
1st stage 3 months adaptation period 18 sessions 2-3times/week 60min/time
2ndt stage 4 months result period 48 sessions 2-3times/week 60min/time
3rd stage 3 months consolidation period 24 sessions 2-3times/week 60min/time