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The logo of Tera Wellness PT team consists the red color 'PT' and T, as well as the grey color EAM

The red color part represents a burning torch, symbol a team consist with passion and always be a leader in the industry

The grey color part represents cool and calm,symbol the PT team hold a firm professional knowledge,rich experience and team cooperaion

  • 郭旭东

  • 段泓丞

  • 文彦博

  • 韦悦爱

  • 苏德健

  • 孙俊翔

  • 袁梓凯

  • 温媛媛

  • 乔文

  • 王岩

  • 王红燕

  • 徐靖

  • 谭张怡

  • 程潜

  • 惠梦娜