“Tera Wellness Website” is under the name of Tera wellness Management company Ltd., As the establishment o f the 1st Club in Shanghai, now Tera Wellness is the most famous fitness chain in china and even in Asian Pacific. Tera Wellness is facing the community and make contribution towards the community. Up to now, Tera Wellnes s has recruited thousand of employees, servicing over 1 million member, paying tax over RMB60 millions. Tera Wellness no doubt is the leading of the industry.

Tera Wellness has been certified by international institute and invested by Temasek. Tera Wellness expect to own 200 clubs in 2011. As the operator of the BJ Olympic and Shanghai Expo, Tera Wellness will create more green clubs and to provide a better life for member.

With the advanced management concept, rich experience in the industry, Tera wellness has become the quickest in term of development, biggest in term of venue, largest in term of members.

Perfect commercial elements, creative ‘one-stop’ leisure service

1.Tera Wellness plays a very important role in commercial centres’ service in Shanghai. As the opening of the Longzhimeng club, it attracted the flow of visitors to the Shopping Arcade.Longzhimeng Shopping Arcade has become a one-stop of leisure, commercial and fitness.

2.Joint venture with the Bailian Group made the fitness element become essential in Bailian Wujiao

3.The opening of Huiaihai and Beidouxing highlight the CBD and provide a fitness convenience to district commercial elite and white collars. In the year of 2007, the grand opening of the core club-City Club in Waitan CBD established a new landmark in Huangpu. The City Club with total area of 30000 sq. meters, cover most of the sport and leisure elements such as swimming, fitness, basketball, tennis, squash etc.

Perfect community, creative harmony homeland

Tera Wellness has successfully cooperated with different brand of property developers, most of the property developers choose Tera Wellness as the only joint venture parter.

Servicing the community, advocating a healthy life style

Tera Wellness provide off-peak membership for elderly ,free body-check and free fitness courses for residents.

Support the sport development in Shanghai, create personnel for the fitness industry

1.Tera Wellness and the Shanghai Sports Management Centre had jointly organized various sport activities and tournament in Shanghai

2.Tera Wellness had established a the Tera scholarship in Shanghai Sports Institute. Tera Wellness is well-known in SSI and provide plenty of vacancies for graduates.

3. Tera Wellness had established the Tera Training Institute, provide training ,skills and certificate for new staff.